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Experience the joy of proposing to your loved one knowing ZCOVA’s diamonds are conflict-free. All of ZCOVA’s diamonds are sourced through the Kimberley Process. This process aims to prevent the flow of conflict diamonds while helping to protect legitimate trade in the rough diamond industry.

In ZCOVA, our curators will guide you through finding the finest diamond engagement ring selections within your price range. Discover your perfect diamond engagement ring today.

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Every retailer will show you a different price tag on a similar product and because of the different diamond specs, it becomes hard for you to make the comparison. Don’t get stressed by retailers to follow their price tag.

In ZCOVA, we believe customers should have the right in controlling their own price range when buying a diamond engagement ring. Let us know your range and our Curators will work something out for you!

It is our promise to you to offer diamond price transparency on our website. Click here to look at all the diamond prices!

In ZCOVA, it is simple. All you have to do is to contact our Curators and they will help you to pick out your perfect diamond and then pick your perfect ring setting all within your price range.

Don’t know your loved one’s dream ring design? Fret not, we engineered the ‘Propose With A Diamond’ service to help with your proposal. We will mount your diamond on a temporary ring for the proposal first, then you bring your fiance back to design her dream ring after.

Why wait? Make a booking for a consultation today.

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ZCOVA Curators can help estimate your loved one’s ring sizes with a given height & weight. If you still worry, we can provide a 3D Ring Sizer to confirm the size.

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