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For coloured gemstones, carat, colour and origin greatly affect their value. These and other details like their photograph and treatment need to be written on the gemstone's certificate. Without the cert, you won't know if you're truly getting the gemstone you paid for.

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Unlike diamond 4Cs, there is no universal grading system for coloured gemstones at the moment. At ZCOVA, we use ICL’s grading system to determine a gemstone’s colour intensity, clarity and cut consistently.

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Yes, in fact, most retailers out there buy gemstones online. With the latest technology, we can view gemstones in a 10x magnified, 360-degree view allowing you to see through every detail of the gemstone. Much better than what our naked eyes can do.

Moreover, ZCOVA provides ICL certified gemstones to guarantee you the origin, carat and colour of your gemstone for your peace of mind.

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