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General Information

Why are your diamonds so much cheaper?

We source our diamonds directly from the diamond manufacturers that produce the stones globally which means we can offer the stones at almost wholesale price to the retail market. As a predominantly online company our overheads are much smaller which means we can offer our stones at a more competitive price.

How does the 14-Day refund guarantee work?

In any case you are dissatisfied with our product quality; (excluding GIA certified diamond and design preference) get in contact with us for an official refund within 14 days. Proceed with making arrangements to return the goods to us in its original condition. Upon receiving it, we will record a video of the sealed package to verify the authenticity of the product for confirmation, and the refund will be made to your bank account within 30 working days.

What does the lifetime manufacturer warranty cover?

All ZCOVA™ products come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on jewellery only. Please refer to our product warranty details.

How does ZCOVA™ guarantee the diamond authenticity?

At ZCOVA™ we only offer certified diamonds either by GIA or HRD. To ensure the diamond authenticity we at ZCOVA will provide our customer with the picture or video of the laser inscription on the diamond before the delivery of your product.

What payment option do you offer? How to Buy?

Once you have confirm on the item you wish to purchase. At the checkout page you have the option to pay 70% or 100% either by Bank Transfer, Credit Card, or Cash (please make an appointment with us if you wish to make the payment by cash).

Can I view the jewellery at your showroom before making a purchase?

Yes we do have samples to show ZCOVA workmanship. If we do not have samples of the design you have chosen we will provide the rendered image for your reference.

Where is your manufacturing factory located?

All our jewelleries are handcrafted in Malaysia. With over 20 years of experience in their field of expertise.

How much does ZCOVA charge for designing jewellery and consultation?

At ZCOVA we do not charge any designing fee or consultation fee, for we believe it is our responsibility to educate customers on every purchase, and offer them the most beautiful jewellery that fits their personal style.

Do you offer a bespoke service and how does it work?

Should you have a particular jewellery design in mind that does not currently exist in our jewellery collection, you can upload your design here (link) and our consultant will then discuss with your directly the options for your piece and provide you with a quote.

Handcrafted jewellery Vs Ready-made jewellery?

Mass production is the producing of identical items in extremely large volume on a continuous basis. It is usually done on an assembly line by laborers who often use specialized machinery and have low skill levels.

When laborers produce jewellery on an assembly line, they aren’t putting the time or effort into making sure they are perfect and blemish free

ZCOVA take pride in the quality of our products. When a ZCOVA creates an item, you can be sure that time, talent, thought and energy go into its creation. Great effort has gone into each individual piece—making certain everyone is lovely and of the highest quality.

How about originality? When you buy mass produced, you get what everyone else has. Sometimes that’s fine, but one reason many people wear jewellery is to stand out. We want to wear jewellery that’s as unique and individual as we are. We want it to represent us as such. Your local chain department store may have some attractive jewellery, but it’s not really symbolic of who we are as individuals because everyone is wearing the same thing.

Moreover ZCOVA’s handcrafted jewellery cost is very competitive in comparison to mass produce pieces.

Diamond and Jewellery Information

What is fluorescence exactly?

Diamonds that are said to be fluorescent contain particles that emit a visible (usually blue) glow when exposed to UV lighting. In rare cases, high levels of fluorescence can make stone appear milky or hazy, although for the most part fluorescence does not generally impact beauty or sparkle and can even make some lower colours ( I,J,K,L etc) appears more colourless white.

Do all ZCOVA diamond products come with certification?

All our diamonds above 0.30 carats come with GIA Certification. Any diamonds below 0.30 carat has no certification. Our Sales Invoice serves as both the certification and warranty.

What precious metals do you use?

We offer the majority of our jewellery in 18k and 22k Gold (white, rose and yellow) and Platinum.Because of the density of platinum there are some more intricate pieces that cannot be produced in Platinum.

Why does my white gold jewellery turns yellow over time?

Your white gold ring is really yellow gold that is alloyed with nickel or palladium to “bleach” the gold to a white colour. Currently, the most common alloy of choice for the jewellery industry is nickel. Nickel is used as a whitener and the final polished white gold alloy remains slightly “gray-yellow” in appearance.

White gold is generally electroplated with bright rhodium to conceal the “gray-yellow” appearance. The result is bright and fabulous! Normally the yellow “tint” of the white gold would not be noticed if the rhodium layer has not worn off and the surface remains highly polished.

Most owners of white gold are somewhat surprised that their bright white gold now looks dull and yellow. As time progresses, exposure to chloride normally present in many household chemicals and skin perspiration will discolour the exposed white gold alloy to a darker gray-yellow colour.

What if I don't know my ring size?

With every purchase, we will provide you with a free ring sizer. The item will be couriered to you once payment has been made.

What if I order the wrong size?

Not to worry! Your first resize is always free of charge and you can come into our showroom to size finger correctly or alternatively, you can check at a local jeweler and then send the ring back to us. However, please take note that our resize allowance has a limitation of three sizes up or three sizes down. If the resize is out of the range, additional charges will be applied.

Can I add an engraving to my ring?

ZCOVA™ offers free engraving services (only once per purchase). All you have to do is include your personal message on the instruction card delivered together with the free ring sizer. A maximum of 10 character per ring

How can I get my ZCOVA™ piece polished and cleaned?

All of our products come with a complimentary 5-years polishing and cleaning service (claimable once every 6 months). However, we are unable to polish any jewellery with finishing such as satin or matte designs. Send us an email to request for polishing and cleaning services and drop by our office with your ring.

How quickly can you create and deliver a custom piece?

After we agree on a design, and make payment for the required deposit, most designs take a minimum of 15 to 20 working days for gold and a minimum for 5 weeks for platinum. A longer duration will be required depending on the complexity of design or festive seasons. Once you have approved the final design, we will inform your date of collection.

Collection and Shipping Information

Do you ship your products to Sabah & Sarawak?

Yes we do.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship internationally via Fedex. However, the buyer will have to bear the shipping cost.

Will the delivery be insured?

All items are fully insured by us until they reach the requested delivery address and a signature is given on delivery.

How can I track my order?

Once your item has been dispatched we will email you a tracking number and an online link so you can trace the delivery status or your order. Or you can view this information from your personal account.