Emerald Gemstone Jewellery

Emerald Gemstones symbolize royalty, elegance, and boldness. Known for their deep green colour, Emeralds come in various shades from bluish-green to yellowish-green. They belong to the Beryl family which also includes Aquamarine, Morganite, and Yellow Heliodor gemstones. 

Reflecting the color of spring, Emerald is the perfect birthstone to celebrate the month of May! Take this opportunity to pamper yourself and customise your emerald gemstone engagement ring, fashion ring, pendant, bracelet, earring, or green Emerald necklace!

Choosing your Emerald Gemstone Shape

Emerald stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common shapes that are chosen to be set on jewellery include pear, oval, emerald, round, cushion, and triangular. The Emerald green stone looks fashionable in all shapes.

Emerald Gemstone Green Colour

The emerald price and value are significantly affected by the emerald’s colour. Colour preferences vary over time and from culture to culture, but the most popular colour today is pure green with a light to medium-deep tone. The value of an Emerald decreases when the secondary colour gets more vivid, with the lowest price being for shades of green that have strong bluish or yellow overtones.

A gemstone’s colour determines its value and is measured by three major characteristics: hue, tone, and saturation. The colour is evenly distributed throughout for high-quality Emeralds and the colour varies based on its origin. For example, Zambia is the top 3 largest producer of deep green Emeralds along with Columbia and Brazil but a Russian Emerald has more of a bluish-green colour.

Emerald Jewellery Designs

All ZCOVA gemstones come with an International Colored Gemstone Laboratory (ICL) Certificate to determine the colour intensity, clarity, and origin of a gemstone. The gemological laboratory operates under strict rules and adheres to the highest standards of gemological grading.

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