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Rose Gold Engagement Rings for Men, Women & Couples

Create your own rose gold engagement ring or rose gold wedding ring, thoughtfully handcrafted for your special day! Choose from a range of solitaire, halo, or pavé settings available in 14K rose gold or 18K rose gold. Then, select an IGI-certified lab-grown diamond, GIA-certified mined diamond or ICL-certified gemstone. Finally, decide among rose gold princess cut engagement rings, rose gold oval engagement rings, or a different shape for your diamonds. Start designing your unique rose gold diamond engagement ring now!

Rose gold is a gold alloy that is created by mixing pure gold with copper, resulting in its distinctive pinkish hue when used in rose gold jewellery making. The amount of copper added to the gold determines the depth of the rose gold colour, which can vary from a subtle pink to a rich reddish-pink.

Rose gold is generally priced the same as yellow gold. The cost depends on various factors, including the current market value of gold, the purity of the gold, and the amount of gold in the piece of jewellery. Additionally, the price of jewellery made with either rose gold vs gold also depends on the design, craftsmanship, and different gemstones or embellishments.

Rose gold rings for women are a popular and stylish choice that exudes elegance and femininity. Loved for its versatility, the pinkish hue of rose gold complements a variety of skin tones and can be easily matched with different colours of clothing. For an extra touch of romance and timelessness, you may consider rose gold vintage engagement rings.

Look for a hallmark stamp on the inside of the ring that indicates the metal's purity. For example, 14K rose gold engagement rings should have a "583" hallmark stamped inside the ring band indicating 58.3% purity level. You can also take the pink gold ring to a jeweller to verify its authenticity.

Rose gold complements a wide range of skin tones, making it a versatile choice. Its warm, pinkish hue exudes a soft, romantic look that can add a touch of radiance and glow to the skin. Rose gold jewellery has the ability to brighten warm skin tones, while also helping to balance out cool skin tones, adding contrast and dimension. Take a look at our selection of rose gold diamond rings and try them out yourself!

Whether or not rose gold jewellery can tarnish over time depends on the purity of the gold. 9K and 14K rose gold will tarnish, causing the jewellery to look a little darker, due to its much higher content of copper. If you prefer rose gold wedding rings, we highly recommend going with 18K rose gold which does not tarnish due to its higher gold purity and lower copper content. Regular cleaning and proper care can also help to maintain its polished appearance.