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Classic Vintage Engagement Rings

Create a vintage style diamond engagement ring with your preferred setting and diamond. Handcrafted with love to commemorate your special occasion, you can choose from a solitaire, halo, or pavé setting for your vintage diamond ring in 14K / 18K white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum. You can also opt for an IGI-certified lab-grown diamond or a GIA-certified mined diamond. Prefer colourful, ICL-certified gemstones? We also have vintage sapphire engagement rings or vintage emerald engagement rings. Design your own vintage engagement rings now!

Vintage-styled engagement rings, also known as vintage-inspired engagement rings, antique engagement rings or vintage-style rings, are reminiscent of designs from past eras, often featuring intricate details such as filigree or milgrain. While the term “vintage” typically describes pieces that are at least 20 years old, vintage-style engagement rings are newly made rings designed to replicate the styles of earlier periods. If you like designs that are unique and one-of-a-kind, vintage engagements rings are a classic and timeless option.

Vintage engagement ring settings often feature intricate and detailed designs that are inspired by past era. They can incorporate ornate filigree work, milgrain detailing, engraved patterns, and unique designs that are not commonly seen in modern engagement rings. Some popular vintage ring settings include halo, solitaire, and pavé.

Couples may choose a vintage-inspired engagement ring for their unique and timeless design inspired by past eras, featuring intricate details such as filigree work, milgrain detailing, and engraved patterns. They often possess a character and charm that is difficult to replicate in contemporary designs. Vintage-looking engagement rings also offer a sense of nostalgia, tradition and sentimental value, making it a meaningful and romantic choice.

The term "vintage rings" generally refers to rings between 20 years old and 100 years old, while "antique rings" refers to rings that are at least 100 years old. However, depending on the context, some only consider rings made during the 1920s to the 1960s as vintage, while others use the term with any ring made during a previous era.

Depending on the era that inspired these rings, the different types include Victorian-style engagement rings (1837-1901), Edwardian (1902-1920), Art Deco engagement rings (1921-1940), and Retro (1941-1960) styles.

Yes, they have gained popularity in recent years due to their distinct design and sense of history. Vintage wedding rings also offer a range of era-specific styles to choose from, like Victorian and Retro, each with its own recognisable design elements.

Soak your ring in warm water for several minutes before gently scrubbing the ring with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Then, dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth and store it properly.