ZCOVA Packaging

As part of ZCOVA's commitment to our beloved customer, we provide a completely flawless secured parcel for delivery. View Global Secure Shipping here.

Jewellery Boxes for Individual Products

Each product bought from ZCOVA comes with specific unique cases ensuring tamper-proof door-step delivery for every customer.

  • Engagement Rings, Wedding bands, Men and Women fashion rings are packed in ring boxes
  • Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces are packed in respective jewellery boxes


Loose Diamonds and Gemstones Boxes

All ZCOVA’s diamonds and gemstones purchased are packed in a transparent acrylic display box. The stones are secured with magnets around the 4 corners. The cover can be slid open to retrieve the stone.

Proposal Engagement Ring Box

We understand the importance of hiding your ring box during a marriage proposal. While a regular ring box’s purpose is to store the ring, it does not necessarily fulfil the marriage proposal requirement. ZCOVA’s Proposal Engagement Ring Box is here to fulfil that role for you. This slim-rectangular shaped engagement ring box is pocket fitted and is engineered to turn the ring perfectly facing your loved one when opened.

The Delivery Parcel Box

ZCOVA’s delivery box is made for discreet shipping. All products are packed in a black ZCOVA box for delivery. Following will be presented in the delivery box (if applicable);

  • Invoice of products
  • Appraisal Certificates - GIA Diamond Grading Report
  • Return Instructions
  • An Additional Proposal Ring Box for Engagement Rings (if available)

The Security Sticker

All delivery parcels sent out from ZCOVA are secured with a security sticker on the opening section of the parcel to prevent tampering. We urge all customers to inspect their package for damages before receiving or signing for receipt. If the security sticker has tampered, kindly do not sign the parcel and contact our customer service immediately.