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Pave Engagement Rings Collection

ZCOVA offers a collection of stunning Pavé Setting Engagement Rings.

Pavé, from the French word for “pavement”, is a popular technique for setting small diamonds close together along a ring's band. Our Pavé Setting Rings feature an endless row of diamonds or gemstones that sparkle brilliantly, creating a breathtaking effect. Available in various styles and designs, ZCOVA’s Pavé Engagement Rings are perfect for those who desire a ring with maximum sparkle and glamour.

Choose your Pavé Diamond setting in 14K/18K white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum, and with a choice of an IGI-certified lab-grown diamond, GIA-certified mined diamond or ICL-certified gemstone. You can also personalise a unique pavé ring that expresses your love. Speak with our Curators and design your own pavé diamond ring now!

Pavé settings have small diamonds set closely together in a row on the band, adding brilliance to your engagement ring. The stones in a pavé setting have little or no metal visible between them, creating a continuous sparkle effect. They are the perfect choice for those who love sparkling and glamorous jewellery.

Some types of pavé settings include twist band pavé, channel pavé, bezel pavé, three-row pavé, knife edge pavé and flushed pavé. Each feature a unique design to hold the stones in place and create a sparkling surface.

Pavé settings enhance the overall sparkle of the ring, creating a glamorous and eye-catching design. They also offer a lot of flexibility and versatility in creating intricate and interesting pieces. However, because pavé settings use more stones to achieve the desired look, they can be more expensive than solitaire settings. Pavé settings may also potentially get caught in clothing or other fabrics due to the prongs holding the small stones in place, requiring slightly more carefulness and maintenance. Thus, the choice of setting ultimately depends on personal preference and individual circumstances.

Yes! Pavé setting rings can create an illusion of a bigger and more sparkly appearance due to the closely set small stones that reflect light and create a continuous surface of glittering stones.

Pavé settings cost more than solitaire settings because they use more diamonds, as well as require more time, skill and precision from the jeweller to create. Other factors such as the number of rows (single, two or three row pavé), size (regular pavé or micropavé), type of stone (diamond or gemstone) and the intricacy of the design will also affect the cost.