Diamonds Graded by GIA

Our jewellery experts pride themselves in passing on the knowledge about the 4Cs of diamonds so customers know exactly what they are getting while searching for 150,000 diamonds that fit your budget.

Loose Diamonds

With the largest online selection of diamonds graded by GIA, we can offer any diamonds, any shapes at anytime and anywhere. The diamonds at ZCOVA are of top-quality and can be purchased loose or set into an engagement ring or any jewellery piece.

Coloured Diamonds

As rare as coloured diamonds are, ZCOVA offers one of the widest selections you will find online. If you do not see any coloured diamonds that match your specifications, please contact us and our in-house GIA graduate gemologist will help you with your search.

GIA Grading Report

It is highly recommended to purchase diamonds graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to be sure it’s a natural diamond as you get to see the specific characteristics of a diamond. The grading system of GIA serves as the international gem and jewellery industry’s benchmark credentials.

Conflict-free Diamonds

Every diamond at ZCOVA is ethically sourced directly from the manufacturers who conform to the Kimberley process as conflict-free diamonds. Therefore, we are able to skip the usual process of diamonds - from the diamond mine to diamond dealers, to a jewellery store.

Design your Diamond Ring

Designing a beautiful one-of-a-kind engagement ring at ZCOVA is really easy. Choose your perfect diamond, pair it with the setting of your choice and there you have it - your sparkling engagement ring design!